Concierge Nursing

Concierge Nursing is personalized, client driven nursing care. A Registered Nurse is available to clients 24 hours a day for consultation and patient advocacy. We are also available for evaluations of well persons as they age, helping to identify problems and work toward solutions. Our nurses may attend doctor visits with you as needed to help you understand your medical care plans, and help you ask the right questions or advocate for you as needed. We can assist you to find the best specialist for your needs, and help navigate through an ever changing and complex medical world.

24-Hour Access

Our knowledgeable staff is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about your health or care. As a client of Independent Nurse Consulting, you have access to our administrators, who can answer business or scheduling questions, as well as our nurses, who are able to advise and discuss any medical issues that may come up. Routine matters should be discussed during normal business hours. 

Nurse Case Management

A nurse is assigned to each client to supervise or assist in maintaining the best quality of life possible. This means that one person is actively involved in overseeing all aspects of your case to ensure that our clients receive complete and competent care. Understanding and properly addressing the problems of each client is our specialty. We help evaluate the home situation, getting help from other professionals as needed, and suggest ways of improving quality of life issues. We assist in choosing a facility and level of care if a client chooses to move out of the home. We help you get the help needed from your doctor, and help keep appointments and medications well organized.

Medication Supervision

A registered nurse assists each patient in organizing medications in order to prevent medication errors and complications. The nurse assists the client in obtaining prescribed medications from the pharmacy, as well as suggested over the counter supplements as needed.


Do you ever wish you could call a nurse and talk over a question or problem? This is a popular service available to our regular clients. As a client, you will have direct access to an RN who knows you, and has your history and medication list available 24 hours a day to call whenever you have a question or problem. They are available to consult with, even during the night, if you have an urgent problem. A nurse will also accompany you to the Urgent Care Center or Emergency Department as needed if you must be seen urgently. They can help you understand what is being said and done, giving you and your family members peace of mind. If admitted to the hospital, we continue to visit you daily, consulting with your medical team to help coordinate your care and successful discharge.